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Hey… it sells

February 29, 2008

So it’s Friday and we’re feeling wild. MikeyVeech, an regular, sent us along this ad campaign that media giant Ogilvy & Mather drew up for Corona’s marketing initiatives in Japan. We’ll credit Schema Magazine for posting the ads, since we’re passing them along.

As not to offend anyone, click here for photos. 

These images are probably too bold for a publicly displayed billboard, but may be tasteful enough for men’s magazines like Maxim or GQ. That said, you can be sure our grip will be clinging tightly to a cold Corona bottle at some point this weekend.


Know Your Role

February 29, 2008

As business owners and brand managers, you constantly hear about successful companies changing their game plan as technology and client demands evolve. Newspapers, for example, have launched multi-layered digital web sites, featuring streaming video and access to free content, encouraging a younger audience to rely on them for current events, although they are losing subscribers each and every day.

Victoria Secret chief executive Sharen Turney spoke on an industry conference call about the direction that her brand has taken. She explained that the company has “so much gotten off (their) heritage,” in an effort to attract a younger group of consumers. She even went on to say the brand has gotten “too sexy.” For the record Sharen, we disagree.

But the ability for a company to think on it’s feet and motify its practices and strategies is of the essence. It is important that a company not lose site of its original vision and its goals. While Victoria Secret targeted college-aged buyers, they alienated loyal, existing clients who have a steadier income than the younger demographic. The solution? An active balance of new business development is just as important as retaining your core consumers.


In Your Face

February 23, 2008

I’m sure you have personal goals. Some may be financial, some physical and some intellectual. Perhaps you want to buy a house this year, or get a Master’s degree or run a marathon. But what are you doing to accomplish them?

You’ll find it much easier to achieve your dreams when you carve out a step by step action plan. Let’s say you want to go back to school. Is tuition your primary concern or allocating the time? Have you selected a program or submitted an application? If tuition is a roadblock, start there. Does your employer have a reimbursement program? Maybe the school  where you want to enroll offers grants or scholarships for your particular industry or background. Is your schedule jammed, making night class an impossibility? Consider exploring a distance learning or online program that allows you to work from home, rather than burn time commuting to and from the classroom.

Simply hoping you’ll make a dream happen isn’t enough. Break down your aspirations, one small step at a time, and you’ll find your goals much more attainable.


Not That We Told You So, But…

February 20, 2008

Duplication this is not. This is the second discovered clip of alleged plagiarism.

Let’s say you sat on a marketing meeting with a five- member team and your boss. You throw out a heck of an idea and everyone loves it. Days later, a company-wide meeting, your boss rolls out the campaign to the office and his deliver implies that the creative concept was his own. Is he obligated to preface that the initiative was yours?


Praise or Plagiarism?

February 18, 2008

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is taking heat for a speech he delivered over this past weekend. It is clear by watching this video that the similarities between Obama’s February 16th speech and a 2006 speech from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) are evident.

“Senator Obama and I are long-time friends and allies. We often share ideas about politics, policy and language,” Patrick said in a statement found on “The argument in question, on the value of words in the public square, is one about which he and I have spoken frequently before. Given the recent attacks from Senator Clinton, I applaud him responding in just the way he did.”

Although the Presidential race is a national hot topic, we aren’t going to run you over with it here. But shouldn’t have Obama credited Deval Patrick while delivering that dialog?


The 80-20 Rule

February 15, 2008

The Pareto principle, named after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, recognized in 1906 that eighty percent of Italy’s income was earned by twenty percent of its population.  

The 80-20 rule is still very much applicable today. Eighty percent of business revenue is often generated by just twenty percent of employees. Eighty percent of the weekly conversations you have are with about twenty percent of the people you associate with. Even in your closet, twenty percent of the clothing you own is worn eighty percent of the time while the rest sits unused for months.

How else does the 80-20 rule apply in your life? Do you find the rule accurate? Is Chomsky’s (above video) explanation of “high spenders versus low spenders” fair or biased? Share your thoughts.


If It’s Free, It’s For Me

February 15, 2008

We’re always going to spill info to you when we find something of value. Similarly, if you trip over something that your friends at Entourage Marketing could find beneficial, drop us a line. One hand washes the other, right?

The folks at Google have again found a way to make our lives easier. They’ve recently launched 1.800.GOOG.411 (1.800.446.4411). Rather than blowing the $2 cell phone call, store this number into your phone and fire it up next time you’re in a jam. The best part is, they directly connect you, rather than simply spit back a phone number so you don’t need to punch numbers and drive at the same time.