Hear ye, hear ye!

February 14, 2008

I spoke to a gentleman this morning who used to work as a flight attendant for United Airlines in the late ’70s. He flew on dozens of private flights with a former presidential canidate while on the campaign trail.

The former flight attendant explained that, as the canidate was exiting the plane, that his staff would brief him about the local issues troubling each city. Then, the canidate would explain to a community what changes he would make to better their region, as well as the entire nation.

Time and time again, the canidate would make promises and claims to one town and contradict his statements to the following town, telling voters what they wanted to hear and not solely what his honest intentions were.

Whether earning voter trust or vying for the support of your coworkers, people have a knack for identifying dishonesty. It’s important when facing your employees, customers, friends or family to speak freely, whether the truth is what the listener wants to hear.


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