Your Digital Identity

March 8, 2008

MC Escher

What does your online image look like? If someone knew your name, but wanted to learn more about you through information found on the web, what could they dig up?

There are hundreds of ways to enhance your digital reputation. The most common is to operate your own web site. For about $20 per year, you can own “www.YourName.com,” assuming no one has already scooped it up. Even if you aren’t ready to manage a web page, “parking” your site is recommended. This limits other web browsers with the same name as you from launching a project that may misrepresent who you are.

Another simple way is with Wikipedia. Wikipedia.org is policed by its users and updated by tens of thousands of members each and every day. However, obtaining a Wikipedia account is not immediate. Programmers want to recognize that you are a trustworthy user and will not smear or negatively alter existing content on the site. Once your reputation is established, write a brief statement about yourself and submit it to the Wikipedia programmers. When approved, you’ll stamp your name into the Wiki world and provide web browsers with a viable resource for learning more about you.

If you have other suggestions, be it basic or advanced, simply let us know. We’re excited to hear how you’ve made out.


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