Say It To My Facebook

March 29, 2008

Mac guys gone wild

So you’ve certainly heard of Facebook and you may even have a profile of your own. But why?

Let’s be honest with each other. You use Facebook to brag. You post pictures of yourself on vacation. You update your job history so you look like an important player and you ask everyone you’ve ever met to be your friend. If you don’t see them quarterly or you don’t talk to them in person every few months, why do you want to “friend” them?

It’s not because you care. It’s because you want everyone who has ever known you to realize how cool you are now and what cool things you’ve been up to. It’s because you stood in front of a rock star last summer or posed with attractive people who’s names you don’t know during spring break. And hell, the more people are friends with you, the cooler you are. I bet you haven’t spoken to 75% of your “friends” in at least a year. I also bet you look at other people’s profiles just to compare your life progress to the kid’s you met in high school, college or the guy across the office.

Do you miss the good old days bad enough to reacquire cliques and gossip on walls and show off pictures like you were trading your wallet-sized class photos back in the late 80’s?

Wait… you do have a Facebook account? Sweet, because we want to be your friend.


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